The weekend is always oh so wonderful, no? 

This weekend was definitely a productive one for me. I was able to spend some quality time with friends and family, cleaned out my closet -(I ended up with 4 boxes of clothes I don't wear anymore!),  and did a whole-lot-of shopping for some new clothes ;) Pretty busy weekend. 

How was your weekend, did you make it as productive as you possibly could? 

Now its time to begin a brand new week!! Tackle new things that need to get done and accomplish whatever goals we ma have set out for the day. 

Weekly Goals
  • Finish INSANITY, woo hooo just one week left! 
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  • Finish my law school orientation assignment 
  • Help mom accomplish her goal of walking 5 miles a week
I am off to start my day which looks something like this...

A wheatiefied bfast! 

Sweaty date w/ Shaun T. 

A post-workout meal, since I am out of my whey protein mix :( I found this article online, on some good ideas for post-workout meals 

My attempt to recreate Panera's Mediterranean  Veggie Sandwich 

And some snackage

What are your goals for the week? 


  1. Booo yah! Good luck with the Insanity! I've heard such good things. And I think its fabulous that you're helping your mama out. Weekend was good- I ended up working a lot more than I wanted to but such is life :) Goals this week- Get the house ready for the inlaws, celebrate the anniversary with the man, maybe relax for 5 minutes? haha

  2. wow insanity is no joke! U are a hot sweaty mess for sure!

    Love your goals girl, and how sweet to help your mom reach her goal of 5 miles per week!

    Looks like a yum post workout meal, love the apples!!

    Love u!

  3. ohh i'm doing insanity right now and man it is crazy! i'm trying to also do it along with running and tri training, uhh making it way hard to get up the energy.

    have you seen changes in your abs?? that's my major goal

  4. holy cow, insanity! I was able to do only three workouts. Look at that sweat. One more week :o)give us the reviews, maybe it's motivate me to finish it :oP

  5. "it would motivate me to finish". tyops, I hate typos. I type too fast

  6. yum! that veggie sandwich looks great!

  7. Way to go. Love the sweaty date with ST photo. I LOVED Insanity. I am doing Turbo Fire now. In fact, I just wrote an article about my experience with it. Stop by and check it out!