Diet Skeleton

Hope your week flew by as quick as mine did!! It is totally true that time flies when you are having fun. Guess I have been having way too much fun because this summer  has flown by way too fast! In a matter of 10 days I will be attending my Law School orientation and beginning school shortly after that. I am definitely anxious but also very excited :)

I am also very excited to be done with INSANITY!!! Sunday is the last Fit Test, woo hooo!! My plan is to take a about a week off while I get these in the mail:

Once school starts it will be difficult to fit gym-time into my busy schedule that is why I plan on doing P-90x & INSANITY at home. INSANITY was the first at home workout program I ever did and I have loved the convenience of working out at home. I not only saved time but it was also less of a hassle. So once school starts my plan is to do my workouts early in the mornings before school. 

On to eats...Lately I have been pretty monotonous with my eats: 
Here is my P90X/Insanity Diet Skeleton 

BFAST: (carbs, dairy, fruit) 

Snack: (Protein, Fruit) 
Lunch: (Protein, Veggies, Fat)

Snack: (Dairy, Protein Bar)

Dinner: I always have some sort of Protein, Veggies, with a Sweet Potato.
*** I eat try to follow this skeleton but I also have  extra snacks (food blocks) to reach my daily caloric need.

What do you do switch up your eats? 


New Arrivals!

Hope you are having a lovahly TuesDaze!!!!

I am actually super happy I finally got some long awaited goodies:

Can you believe I got each one for only $26.74!!! This is actually my first time trying Spiru-Tein, cannot wait to dig  scoop in ;)

And since I had run out of my protein mix, I sure was happy to see this arrival! Alyson (love her blog) uses the cake batter flavor for a lot of her delicious recipes but that flavor was on backorder so I stuck with Vanilla. Now I can fuel my INSANITY  workouts!

 According to the website:
"Muscle Gauge's whey protein Isolate is fat-free and has less calories than the leading brand of optimum nutrition, and like many of products comes in all of our flavors including unflavored if thats your preference. Its packed with 24g of protein per serving."
I can't wait to try out these goodies!

Talk to me!!
Any new products you have recently tried?? 



The weekend is always oh so wonderful, no? 

This weekend was definitely a productive one for me. I was able to spend some quality time with friends and family, cleaned out my closet -(I ended up with 4 boxes of clothes I don't wear anymore!),  and did a whole-lot-of shopping for some new clothes ;) Pretty busy weekend. 

How was your weekend, did you make it as productive as you possibly could? 

Now its time to begin a brand new week!! Tackle new things that need to get done and accomplish whatever goals we ma have set out for the day. 

Weekly Goals
  • Finish INSANITY, woo hooo just one week left! 
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  • Finish my law school orientation assignment 
  • Help mom accomplish her goal of walking 5 miles a week
I am off to start my day which looks something like this...

A wheatiefied bfast! 

Sweaty date w/ Shaun T. 

A post-workout meal, since I am out of my whey protein mix :( I found this article online, on some good ideas for post-workout meals 

My attempt to recreate Panera's Mediterranean  Veggie Sandwich 

And some snackage

What are your goals for the week?