How is your Tuesday treating yah!?! Mine has not been too shabby but I am still having trouble figuring out which color to paint my new room. Pretty tough ordeal, right ;) 

 Thanks for all of your input on the colors!! Many of you mentioned that a blue or turquoise would go well with brown and I agree....

That was the color of my old room!!! 

I really love that color but I am looking for a change. It is so tough deciding, there are so many colors I like. Like this chilli pepper color but mom reminded me that it is very similar to the color I used to have..

** only picture I could find, guess I am a fan of orange ;) 

I notice that I have painted my rooms with bold bright colors but this time I want a soothing lighter color. Hope I find one soon so I can get started on the painting!!

For the mean time I have been enjoying time at home and doing my favorite eating, working out, and relaxing!

Awesome PB sandwich for bfast with no need for jelly: 

PB & Co.'s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl

I have been loving this for bfast, it really is a treat!

Lunch was a quick Turkey Sandwich

Lovin the Thin Bread! 

I was introduced to this bar by my momma and I am in love!! I love all of the nuts and the fact that is not as sweet as other Clif bars, it's a good change. But no worries Lunas are still very close to my heart ;)  

Dinner's at home are soo different from eating out

Grilled Mahi-Mahi, Couscous, and 
Salad- apple, spinach, tomato, celery with a rocking balsamic vinegar

Love having a clean kitchen, where I can actually cook!! I am ready to bake and cook all summer ;) 

Do you have any fun recipes/ products I should try? 


  1. P loves those Mojo bars! Have you tried the Luna protein bars in cookie dough? Delish!

  2. I do love that blue color!!! But yes you should do different for sure!! I hope you find a color you love, I know you will!!!!

    Those Mojo Bars are the BEST!!!!! Love them! So does my fiance, I buy him a box every week!!!

    Love ya beautiful girl!!!

  3. I love bright colors too...my bathroom is lime green! My bedroom is mint green though, and I love it. Definitely soothing!

    I looooove Mojo bars. The peanut butter pretzel flavor is seriously out of this world, I definitely recommend it if you haven't already tried!

    Hope you have a wonderful hump day love!!

  4. Can't wait to see what color you pick! So much fun. That is a fantastic looking breakfast. I never used to think strawberries would go well with nut butter until I tried it. Now I'm totally sold! Mojos are my favorite bars. Josh and I like the trail mix best.

  5. I like the Mojo Cliff but my favorite are the chewy ProteinPlus bars.
    Good luck on the colors.

  6. Oh I love a boldly painted room! Looks like you've had some great colors before, can't wait to see what's next!

    And what delicious meals you've been having. Nothing better than a square meal- the mahi, couscous, and veg. I love meals with several components like that. They're so satisfying!

    Haven't tried the Mojo bar! But I've heard great things. I need to sample one and I really need to try dark chocolate dreams peanut butter!

  7. what fabulous meals you are having....it seems like you are enjoying being at home :)

  8. I love Mojo bars. I have never tried putting strawberries in my sandwich, but I love them in everything else so I guess I should!
    May I suggest trying oatmeal topped with a broken up candy bar..

  9. Haha, it's so funny that we tend to stick with colors we've had before, right? I can't wait to see what you choose! Maybe lighter versions of the colors you like?

    I love Saratoga Peanut/Almond Butter! It's the best!! :)