Hello Bellas!!!!! So sorry for being MIA for so long, as I mentioned last week these past few days were going to be pretty hectic. I had graduation on Friday and I spent the weekend moving out of my apartment!! Needless to say I am pooped. 

But of course, as promised here is my graduation dress: 

Yes I got my cap on!!

Cap and gown :) 

That night we went out dinner to celebrate at one of my favorite restaurants, Ceviche! 

With great company :) 

Going to miss these girls :'( 

Showing some love to Rusty! 

Great Food
My Rocking Mediterranean  Salad, with Salmon, Scallops, and Mussels 

Rusty's Chorizo Pimienta, he loved it. 

Parent's had some awesome Paella Valenciana 

My Graduation day was sooo memorable! Although, I am really going to miss Orlando and college, I am ready for my new adventure!!!! 

Hope all you ladies are having a great Monday! I am off to find the perfect color to paint my new room ;)

What color do you think goes well with brown?? 

** Soon to come, my reviews and results  Jillian Michaels 30-day program "Making the Cut" 
Love ya!!! 


  1. The dress is beautiful girlie!! Congrats on your accomplishment!!

  2. Congrats! I think that pink and brown go really well together.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you look so beautiful girl as always!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New adventures in store for you!!!

    All that food looks amazing!!!!!!

    I like pink and brown, or a pretty blue and brown, like a tiffany blue and brown, I think that would be really nice!


  4. oh you look great! what a fun celebration-the food at ceviche looks delicious!

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Congrats! Love the dress. Great dinner out to celebrate too. Josh is a huge chorizo fan as well. Pink and light blue both go well with brown!!

  6. Congrats! Looks like you had a great time.
    I like pink with brown.

  7. Congrats and the dress is super cute! I say pink to go with the brown!

  8. You look beautiful at graduation!! And fried calamari to celebrate- yum yum! I love turqoise and brown together!

  9. I LOVE your graduation dress! I am horrible with pairing up colors, so I will spare you my advice there :-)

  10. Congratulations, Ana! You look so proud and gorgeous. YOU DID IT!

  11. Congrats on being done with school!! Yippee!!!

    Also all your eats are great. Can't wait to see where your life takes you from here :-)

    And I like brown and minty green/blue

  12. I LOVE that dress and it looks incredible on you! Good pick lady. Congratulations on officially graduating. That is awesome.

    I love brown. I find green, pink, white and cream go very well with brown.

  13. Congrats on graduating!! You look gorgeous in your dress :)

  14. Congrats!! Your dress is so pretty!

  15. i say anything along the lines of pale goes with brown. pale pink, yellow, blue, TURQUOISE :)

    congrats on graduating girl! i love the dress!!