Thats a WRAP

Yaya!! Happy Hump-Day!!

Yesterday after a tough "Making the Cut" workout and a beautiful 4 mile run by the beach, I was pooped.   *I don't have pics of the beach because I forgot my camera, bad blogger >.<*  When I got home all I did was shower, eat, and veg while I waited for two of my favorite shows to come on, Glee and V. It was such perfect night, I have actually gotten my parents into watching Glee and they got me into watching V, pretty sweet deal so no fights over the TV, haha! I cannot wait for Glee's next episode, Gaga-fied Glee = AWESOME! I will stop my rant now that I have already completely given away how much of a geek Gleek I am.

This week I have been on a roll using wheat wraps for my lunches!

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla with Dijon Mustard

Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wrap

Cheesy Egg Whites with Salsa

Week's  Obsessions: 

Yess I got the Mojo back in my life!!

These are pretty rocking too when I want to go for the sweeter route. 

Why did it take me so long to try cocoa with strawberries, I have to thank the bella Gabriela for the introduction! It rocks!! 

What is your week's obsession?? 


  1. P loves the Mojo bars. He seriously jumps for joy for them! I love the Luna protein. Have you had the cookie dough? This week I'm obsessed with laughing cow...so funny I've been eating it forever now..not sure why I can't get enough all of the sudden!

  2. Weeks Obsesiion is Dr Krackers Spelt Crackers!!!

    Yay for more mojos!!!!!!!!!! the bomb!!!

    I love wraps with yummy fillings for lunch too! I pretty much have a wrap everyday!!!

    Have a great day girl!!!!! I cant wait for the glee with Lady Gaga as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm obsessing over apples. Weird, but I literally can't eat enough.

    I do love Clif bars though, I just never remember to buy them. Do you have a favorite flavor?

  4. oh girl- love your eats!! i LOVE food, soo i have an obsession every week! this week it is SAVORY Sweet tater fries!! soo delish!

  5. My week obsession are LaraBars Tropical fruit tart! :)
    Never had a Mojo bar, is it so good?

  6. Haha, it looks like you're trying to fit those wraps into every meal possible ;) I don't blame you - I love wraps! Specially turkey and hummus, mmmmm :) I'd say my current food obsession are these rice cakes from a local store around here - can't get enough!

  7. So glad you like the cocoa strawberries...they're delicious, aren't they?! My latest obsession is summer fruit. I've been buying it like crazy, which is good for my tummy and health but not so much for my wallet!

  8. My week's obsession is Glee-I love that show!