Live, paint, Laugh, eat, Love!

Happy Tuesday beauties :)

Hope you had an awesome weekend. Remember how on my last post I talked about how weekends are just oh so relaxing, well I should have knocked on wood!!! My weekend wasn't too relaxing because I decided that my room was going to be painted and decorated by the Sunday afternoon. I began my little project on Friday afternoon by priming the royal blue walls, which needed 3 coats! Saturday I picked out the colors and painted all 4 walls, and Sunday I cleaned up and did a couple of touch up. I kept pretty busy this weekend and it was well worth it because now my room is just how I want it to be :)

Check it out! The color combination I ended up with was one a lot lighter than what I would usually go for, but as I mentioned before I really wanted relaxing colors.

The colors are Behr's Gulf Winds and Cottage White, and yesss all of my furniture is from IKEA gotta love that place! 

I am actually in search of a book shelf for that corner of the room, I really need a place to put all of my Harry Potter and Twilight books ;)

Yes positive decor fills my room!

Dream On, Dream On, Until Your Dreams Come True                                


 Live Laugh Love! 

Do you have positive decor in your room/around your house? 

Once I was done with my room I jumped in the shower to get ready for a lunch my family was making me to celebrate graduation. This time everyone that hadn't been able to make it to Orlando came over to  with me, the lunch was great. I actually decided to help out and make a salad, a BERRY delicious salad with a homemade dressing. This salad was a a big HIT and everyone loved the dressing... I think I am going to send this salad in for a couple of salad contests I have seen in a couple of blogs!!! 


What are your favorite salad ingredients?


  1. aw! Your room looks fantastic. I love the colors. We have a set of three signs that say live, laugh, love in our family room- LOVE it! That salad looks just incredible- you should totally submit it, a sure winner!

    In terms of grilling the pizza, you just have to kind of watch it. I would recommend medium/low heat, maybe 3-4 minutes on the first side, flip 2-3 minutes on the second, add toppings 3-4 minutes more (until cheese is melted)- remove. But again, depends on the heat on your grill. Keep an eye on the bottom!

  2. The color looks great! And so does that salad!!!! I love salad with feta, crasians, apple, tomatoes and avicado- so good.

  3. I love the wall color :D Painting is harder than it looks (and takes a lot of time)!

    Fruit + salads were meant to go together. I especially love dried cherries/raisins with nuts like pecans

  4. Love the room decor!! I find the blue to be so calming and serene! I remember when I was in high school I painted my room like 10 times. It's always fun at first, and then I get so tired of it halfway! Ha.

    Your salad is delicious and colorful. A big bowl that I would love to take a fork to!! How creative are you? Great job!!

  5. I love love love the new color of your room! It looks so good! Gives me motivation to clean and organize my own room :)

    Favorite salad ingredient is probably TOMATOES...it's not a salad without them!

  6. Your room looks lovely! I just cleaned ours too... makes things SO much nicer.

    I have two favorite salad combos: roasted sweet potatoes + baked tofu + pomegranate and avocado, seaweed and cheese.

  7. oh girl you better get some more mojos!!

    I just bought a box for my lover, he goes through a box a week!

    I LOVE the color of your room, and LOVE the positive decor!!

    I have positive decor as well, I have hope, faith and love decors!!! Love it!!!!!!! I have a beautiful big gold wood decor of the word HOPE on top of my bookshelf and I just love having positive decor!!

    Love ya girl! have a great night!!!!

  8. live=laugh=love... i have that hanging on my wall in my bedroom as well! It is such a great message in 3 little words.

    I love the new color girl... I have this strange feeling that you love the color blue?! Am I right?!

  9. Love the color! My favorite salad ingredients are croutons and veggies!

  10. The room turned out beautiful! I'm trying to figure out the color scheme for my bathroom. It's such a tough decision! Give me goat cheese in a salad and I am one happy girl!

  11. your room looks fabulous! what a great choice.....i can see why you wanted to get it done :) oh i think my new fav salad fixin is jalapenos!

  12. eeee can i please move in to your room!!! it is PERFECT! that's seriously my dream room, nice job! it looks amazing. so does the food haha