Happy TuesDAZE!!!

WoW, once again the weekend definitely flew by... even-though I kind of extended it by going to the beach yesterday ;) Guess you can tell that I am in total vacation mode. For now, I am taking full of advantage of this  worry-free time with no school, and no work. 

Yes, life is beach!

I kept pretty busy this weekend w/  packing, spending time with friends, and shopping. Well shopping took most if not all of my Sunday... after 6 hours, multiple laps around the mall, and  checking literally every store, I finally found the perfect graduation dress! Shopping was a lot of fun and I was able to spend some quality girl time with Naomi (best friend).  

I know you want to see the dress but I figured I will keep it a surprise til' Friday ;) 

This week I plan on working on my tan, packing, and finding the perfect shoes to go with my dress with this lovahly girl.

Pretty tough week ahead of me, right?!?  

 this morning's b-fast was bittersweet, very similar feeling I am getting about graduation and the BIG move. 
Almost empty Bee's Knees PB Jar :( 

Perfect for OIAJ!! 

Totally Satisfying 

When one thing ends, something else begins! - Love Happens

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

When you go shopping do like going with a buddy? 


  1. I SO wish I could spend a week like you're spending this week. Lucky you.
    I like shopping alone because I move along pretty quickly. Can't stand walking slow and looking at too many things. I usually have something specific I'm looking for.

  2. I almost bought the cinnamon raisin PB yesterday, but changed my mind at the last second. I can't wait to hear how it is.

  3. aw- beach time! So jealous. I cannot wait to see the dress. Love shopping with friends (when I have a chunk of time to shop). If there is something quick I need to pick up, I prefer to go solo! Yes, totally celebrating cinco de mayo. Mexican food out with friends

  4. Yay for finding a grad dress- I can't wait to see it! I actually prefer shopping alone most of the time. I get most of my best stuff when I can really concentrate on what I'm going! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  5. I'm so jealous you're near a beach like that! I have a beach day planned in a couple weeks and can't wait.

    Forgot about Cinco de Mayo... but I definitely want some Mexican!

  6. Cant wait to see your dress beautiful!!

    It feels good to just relax for the weeke nd and get away from technology!!!

    Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB is amazing!!!!!!

    Cinco De Mayo, will be doing nothing fun over here : p

  7. I am guessing that bees knees has to do with honey? I don't like honey but I wonder if I would mind it with peanut butter...The cinnamon swirl also looks good , I am still obsessed with the white chocolate kind - I got a coupon in the mail the other day for a few cents or a buck off...can't wait to use it!

  8. That's great you found a grad dress- I want to see!

    I forgot about Cinco De Mayo...but sadly, I'll be studying

  9. cannot wait to see the beautiful dress that your picked out for graduation... congratulations on graduating that is such a big accomplishment :o)

  10. Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend! I wish I could go shopping all day! My favorite shopping partner is my mama! We always have the best time together at the mall :-) Can't wait to see the dress and shoes!

    And YES I will be out and about at a MExican restaurant tomorrow, yay!

  11. I actually love going by myself. I feel like I'm rushing when I go shopping with a buddy. Weird, I know!

  12. As weird as this sounds, I like to go shopping with my daddy hehe. You are going to make us wait until Friday to see the dress? Okay, I guess we can make it.

  13. Yay for playing tennis!! Wouldn't doubles be fun? Maybe one day! ;)

  14. can't wait to see your dress! i am sure you will look beautiful on friday :)

  15. Aww, sounds like you're going to have a fun week - and you deserve it! Have fun with your friends! Can't wait to see the dress :)

  16. hey Ana! it's been so long since I commented. I have been feeling sluggish sick. ha, 6 hours sound like a lot, but sometimes it's not enough! haha. My friend and I went shopping for 7 hours last week.