Wooo Hooo!!! TGIF!!! 

I know you are looking forward to this wonderful weekend, I now I am! This is actually the last weekend I will spend in Orlando because next weekend I am moving. Although I am very happy to be moving, there are many things that I will miss from O-town. For one, the close proximity to my best friends

I am sure going to miss them :( *tear*

And two... the close proximity to Disney. 

Soo magical! 

Ahhh!! I am soo emotional right now... change of subject. 

This week I got  Kate's chocolate milk prize giveaway!!! Thanks girl, I loved the card :) 

This was my first time getting this chocolate milk and I love it!!! Check out all the great benefits of chocolate milk for pre and post workouts. "Athletes such as Michael Phelps drew attention to this at the 2004 Olympics when he was seen to be drinking Carnation chocolate drinks after swims." 

Any fun plans for this weekend? 

What is you post/pre  workout fuel?


  1. i hope the move goes well! when one door closes another opens! you can do this! and chocolate milk...num nummmmm. enjoy your day lovie.

  2. I have never used any fuel. I wonder if it would help if i did have some pre....I don't know what to use!! bananas? Lol

  3. Enjoy your last weekend! I can imagine it must be so bittersweet!

    This weekend I'm going to Candle Cafe (vegan!) for dinner, going to a concert, going to my BF's formal, and hopefully fitting some STUDYING in there some time! Hopefully :)

    Hope you have an AMAZING last weekend lovey :)

  4. yay! glad you loved the choco milk!!

    Yay for your last weekend, enjoy it, I know you will miss your friends, but I know your glad to be going back to Florida!

    love ya girl!!

  5. Chocolate milk, the ideal recovery drink :-)
    Pre workout fuel is usually a bar and/or banana. I try to follow up my workouts with a normal meal.

  6. i love your shirt!! so cute!!!
    mmm i love a protein shake w. pro powder, soymilk, and spinach after a workout!

  7. you're moving? wow! exciting! haha this guy on my high school swim team always kept a nalgene full of chocolate milk on the pool deck right above our lane and would sip it during practice and he ALWAYS said that michael phelps did it too :)

  8. awwwwww! First off- so glad the lunch came out well :) Its so fun to cook when you have a nice kitchen :) Second- congrats on finishing up. Weekend plans= teaching, going out to eat, going to taste of the nation! Pre fuel- I go lighter or my tummy gets upset- usually a half piece of fruit with a tiny bit of nut butter

  9. Good luck with the move. The castle looks gorgeous. It has been WAY too long since I was last there. Have to make a point of going back soon...maybe for the marathon in January?!!! ;)
    My pre run fuel... I'm in the process of experimenting but typically fall back to a banana with PB. Post run... I love a HUGE Eggbeater omelet.

  10. Aww, I'm sorry you'll be moving away :( Have a blast during your last weekend!

    You know, I love chocolate, I love milk - but I don't like them together! It still looks good though :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I'm sorry your leaving your friends. I know that's really hard. I love chocolate milk, but I never have it post workout. I'll keep that in mind. We actually have very little plans this weekend. I do have to write a paper...boooooo!

  12. oh you are done and now you are moving! are you moving back home? so many changes right now for you...hope you had a great last weekend with your friends.......can't wait to hear more :)

  13. Enjoy the last of your weekend! Your friends are always a phone call away :)

    Preworkout fuel: Carbs
    Post workout fuel: Carbs + protein !