Hola chiquitas!! 
Sorry for being MIA for the past couple of days. I have missed you all, but since the semester is coming to a close I have been super busy doing last minute projects, papers, speeches, and reading. I really haven't had much time to blog, so I figured I would give you a low-down of some of my eats. 

*Disclaimer* - get ready for an overload of food pics!! 

Lately I have been eating and loving a lot of:

My breakfasts have been full of:
Kashi GoLean and loads of Berries
Egg Beaters  with Laughing Cow Cheese! 

Lunches have consisted of: 

Chick n' Filet wrap with a side of Hot Salsa

Portabella Burger with Egg Whites and Hot Salsa 

Dinners have been out but healthy: 
Holy Guacamole!! 

Chipotle's Vegeterian Bowl 

Teriyaki Tofu with Veggies and Brown Rice 

And of course my life isn't complete without some protein bars  ;) 

 I finally tried this bar!!! I really like it :) 

This chocolate mint flavor rocks!! 

What food product are you loving right now? 

Any protein bars I should try? 

If you are a vegetarian how do you get your protein? 


  1. Yum yum yum I LOVE Chipotle!! I love Vega protein bars, though they're tough to find and kinda pricey. You can't beat Larabars for the ingredient list though!! I'm a vegetarian (90% vegan), and I get my protein in the form of tofu, tempeh, nut butters and nutritional yeast!

    Hope you have a great night love!!

  2. OMG I am now soooo incredibly jealous of you. I got to try those burgers and the flatout artisan foldits when I was in South Carolina last month and they are both my favorite things ever!! Unfortunately neither are sold in Springfield MO!!! AHHHH!!

    Oh I'm done being crazy now :-) You have def had some good eats. And I don't monitor my protein too much but if I lift weights or have a hard workout I try to make sure to have a recovery shake afterwards with protein powder!

  3. yum your food looks so tasty! gosh i get my protein from beans, and good grains.....do not worry to much. i tend to stay away from protein bars-i think i have eaten way too many in my past. good luck with all your tests :) you will do great love!

  4. I LOVE ALL THE EATS ON THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!

    I love the gardein products, they rock and pack protein too!!!!!!!!!!

    Loving the cereal with berries, yum, such a good combo!!

    I know ya love me, I love ya too girl!!!! U know that!


  5. wayy tOO MANY GREAT EATS ON HERE!! ahh!i am sooo jelous! those shrrrooom burgers sound AMAZING!
    my mouth is WATERING :) okay soooo for your bars-ALL the balance bars are good.. i LOVE CHOCOLATE MINT CRUNCH! and almond brownie!

  6. Vegetarian Chipotle Salad is my ultimate go to 'fast' food option. Ugh I love it sooo much and it is so healthy!!

    Personalized protein.. where did you make that/get that from?!

  7. they all look wonderful! I really like the Greens+ bar in chocolate, and even though it's not really a protein bar, I like Lunas chocolate peppermint bark. So delicioussss

  8. The balance bar honey peanut is one of my personal favorites :-) Maybe try the balance bar bare or detour bars if you have not.

  9. Good eats.
    I am a vegetarian who does eat fish and dairy. So I get my protein from fish, eggs, yogurt, whey protein, beans, nuts, and lots of soy products from tofu to tempeh. I try to limit the wheat gluten products like Seitan.

  10. Ok, despite being busy- you are eating so so well! I would gladly come over and eat all of those meals with you!! The tofu looked amazing and so did the vegetarian bowl! Great choices, my dear!
    Lately I can't get enough of guacamole. I made some for my party last weekend and have been putting it on anything and everything!

    I hope that you have a fabulous Wednesday!!

  11. Good luck with your finals! Looks like you've been eating well.

    I eat a lot of beans, nuts, tofu and tempeh to get protein.

  12. That's my favorite Laughing Cow cheese! I just had it on my sandwich today and it MADE the sammie - yum!

    I'm a fan of Kashi chewy bars, although they don't have a lot of protein. I'm not vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat so I get most of my protein through peanut butter and beans and tofu. Delicious and nutritious :)

  13. Oh! And good luck with your finals! I'm about to take mine, too :)

  14. http://greensplus.com/product_info.php/cPath/84_21_124_29/products_id/48

    in your natural foodstores, whole foods, or trader joes! sooo good, they remind me of amazing grass bars

  15. Mmmm i'm going to have to try that egg combo you mentioned, sounds delicious!! The cravings haven't stopped haha ANNNND I've been staring at those those veggiepatch burgers at costco for like a month now. How are they? Should I splurge and buy some? All of your eats look AHmazing!

    As for the protein bars you NEED to try Purefit Almond Crunch. It's my fav!

    Hope you're having a great day!!

  16. Helllllllllllo! What a fun post. I love posts that are packed with pictures. Yum up to the LC cheese, chipotle and gardein! How do I get my protein= eggs, milk, beans, greek yogurt, and protein powder. Bars you should try=clif mojos! Trail mix is our fav. Food products I'm loving right now= almond milk! Hooray for the end of school- how exciting