Travel through Ecuador

I am so happy to be back!! Even though, I had an awesome time traveling through Ecuador and spending time with family, I am really happy to be home. I tried to blog while I was away but many of the places I went to A. didn't have computers or B. the computers were too slow to post any pics :( So now I will finally share with you some (I took over 500 pictures!)  of the pics from my trip.

I am originally from Colombia so this was my first time visiting Ecuador.  

The landscapes and  architecture are beautiful.

The food over there was good, however, there weren't many options for me to choose from. For the majority of the trip I stuck with fish, and the snacks I packed were lifesavers. I felt a bit out of my element because most of the food options in the restaurants were not the healthiest, or something I would get. The Ecuadorian cuisine consists of a lot of red meats, fried foods, and starches, but I tried to make the healthiest options from the choices I had.

Ceviche is a traditional Ecuadorian dish, and believe me I had my fair share of it on this trip ;)

The fish were always served whole! Soooo good! 

The restaurants were all very unique. 

Here was one right besides a church in the middle of the Plaza. 

Momma and I in Hacienda de Guachala: 

This are some fruits I tried for the first time! 

 sweet cucumber 


This fruit was so goOod.

Here are some pics that show Ecuador's natural beauty:

These waterfalls are called El Manto de La Novia, which translates to the Bride's Veil. We rode trolley over the river towards the waterfalls it was scary awesome! 

Beautiful wildlife: 

The Natives were soo warm and welcoming! Here's a picture of me with a Hippie who controlled the trolley *my uncle's forced me to take a picture with him lol*

But the best part of this trip had to be spending time with the family and being able to attend my cousin's baptism :) 

Hope through the pics I was able to share with you a glimpse of my trip! 

I really need to catch up with all of you chicas!!! 

What have you been up to??  

What do you enjoy about traveling? 

Does the diet change stress you out? 


  1. Yayyyy! looks awesome, i don't think i would have the guts to travel so far away from the US! i'm glad you were able to enjoy some new food and are back safely! :)

  2. Wow, what an incredible trip! Your pics are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'm super intrigued by the sweet cucumber...I love seeing new exotic produce!! Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  3. So glad you had a good time! It looks incredible!! Sweet cucumber? I so want one. Love your dress at the baptism!

  4. Welcome back! I kept coming by your blog home and wondering when will she be back! Yay.....your trip looks amazing and you are drop dead gorgeous :)
    Yes, diet changes freak me out. I always feel a bit wacky on vacation.

  5. GORGEOUS photos, Ana! So much color... and that waterfall!

    I can't wait to start traveling again, whenever that will be. I love everything about it, even though I do, yes, stress a little about the diet. I just want to enjoy all of the foods!

  6. That is so beautiful. You must have had a blast! I like fish but not ceviche. Guess I'd get used to it pretty quick if it was my only options.

    Great trip! Glad you're home safely.

  7. Wow, your pictures are beautiful! I think I've seen a sweet cucumber at the world market near my house. Was it any good??

  8. So gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed yourself

  9. AWESOME TRIP MISS! All of your pictures are so beautiful and the scenary wow spectacular. I wish I could have gone with you :o)

    Woot woot for trying new foods & fruit (and picking out healthy eats among all that fried goodness!)

    Keep on having a blast!

  10. Very nice pics!
    It reminds me when I did the Galapagos Island Travel, I had so much fun there!!
    I really want to do it again!!