Stress Relievers

Hey girls!!  Hope you had a stress-free weekend.  With finals, projects, and papers all closing in on me my weekend was anything but stress-free. Today I let the stress get the best of me :( When things don't work out the way I plan I get quickly frustrated and lose my patience!!! I know I need to work on my patience and managing stress. I get in a terrible mood when I am under stress, so today I looked for ways to deal with stress. Here are some great ways to deal with stress:

  • Breathing-  a simple exhale and inhale will do! 
  • Say cheese -  a simple smile can make you feel better. Go ahead try it....Doncha feel better?
  • Compose a Mantra- devise an affirmation -- a short clear positive statement that focuses on your coping abilities. The next time you feel as if your life is one disaster after another, repeat 10 times "I can handle this. I feel calm". 
  • Take a Whiff-  Breathing in scents of chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rose, thyme are all soothing. So light up all your scented candles!!! 
  • Soak it up- Nothing is more stress relieving than a nice hot bath. 
  • Try a Tea- We know all about the calming properties of chamomile tea. 
  • Take a Walk- It forces you to breathe more deeply and takes your mind of what is stressing you. 
So this afternoon I decided to follow these tips! Took a shower and headed to the grocery store... that covers the bath and the walk. Came home and took a Whiff of my awesome dinner, there is nothing more relaxing to me  that the smell of a home-cooked  meal.
    Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Portabella Burger & Spinach

    Haven't stopped smiling since I finally bought this!! 

    And made this lovely dessert: 

    1/4 cup of Kefir
    Sprinkled Wheat Germ
    Frozen Bloobs 

    And now I am sipping some tea, repeating the mantra, and breathing. Guess I am pretty relaxed ;) 

    What do you do to deal with stress?


    1. MMM I LOVE KEFIR!! you got me wanting some!!
      stress-pray, read bible, BATHS!! :)

    2. I LOVE KEFIR!

      I def. agree on taking a hot shower and going for a walk. Breathing also is a great stress reliever.

      Great post!

    3. Hi love!!! Oh you need to try teras whey protien powder!!!!

      TO deal with stress, I shop and exercise!!!!

      Love Kefir!!! I have always just had plain, that looks good!!

      Love ya!!! xoxo

    4. oh man I've tried a lot of those stress relievers and the best one is the BATH! haha! That pasta looks soo good!

    5. great post, much needed for many right now!
      My best stress reliever is running. A lot of people ditch going to the gym/running when they get busy, but that is counterproductive for me.

    6. Great tips! My favorite way to deal with stress is to stay ACTIVE and eat healthy, with the occasional treat! It really does help me focus and get things done when my body feels good, so I try to keep the sugar/processed food to a minimum- of course, I always have dark chocolate on hand as well! Hope you have a great Monday love!!

    7. Food looks great. I've never tried Kefir and keep wanting to.

      Stress...I bake/cook or run. Sometimes I just sit and complain about it.

    8. i like these suggestions especially walking and smelling lavendar. i workout for stress! happy monday girl! are you done yet?

    9. I need to get better at dealing with stress. I typically try to do something that relaxes me, like go for a walk.

    10. These stress-relieving tips are just what I needed. Thank you :)

      Have a good week girlie!

    11. i've always wanted to try kefir. it'll be good on your stomach with the probiotics during the stress of exams and stuff. keep going, you're amazing!

    12. Sorry you had a hard weekend :-(

      Thanks for the stress-busting tips! I usually take a soak in the tub with candles and a magazine.

    13. EXERCISE! And a peaceful 15 minutes with a cup of coffee. Those two things usually make me feel much much better! That keifer mess looks very delicious! Nice!

    14. Love your cute blog! I spend a few minutes with my dog, she always brightens my day!

    15. Deeelicious dinner and dessert! I really want to try kefir, I've heard nothing but good things about it!

      I'm so sorry to hear you've been stressed- it's so understandable since you're doing so much right now! I love the list you compiled. I think exercise is a biggie for me. Just a long walk to clear my mind always helps. I hope you feel better, my lovely!