I am almost done ladies!! Just one more test to go and I am FREE to do all the blogging  anything I want !!

I am dropping  by really quick to share with you a rockin' tofu salad I made yesterday. Since I am trying to cut back on my meat eating consumption, I decided it was time to introduce tofu into my cooking menu. I have eaten tofu before, but this was the first time I successfully cooked it!! *note the highlighted word* I will spare you the details of my last cooking experience with tofu... but let's just say it didn't turn out too good and the tofu ended up in the trash :(

This time around was a lot better, probably because I did some research on how to cook tofu!

I learned that even after draining the water from the container, you have to squeeze the excess water the tofu retains. Check out my method, bahaha!!

I then went on to slicing the tofu, seasoned it, and grilled it! So simple, right!

Grilled Tofu, Apple Slices, Spinach, & toasted (close to burnt ;) Honey Wheat Flatouts

The dressing complimented this salad wonderfully:

  • 1tsp of Honey Mustard
  • 2 tbsp of Balsamic Vinaigrette 
Ooo and I kept my tofu kick going with today's scrumptious lunch!! 

Honey Wheat Flatout, Baked Tofu, Spinach, Honey Mustard, and Pepperjack Cheese

Talk to me!! 

Have you cooked Tofu before? 

If you are familiar with cooking Tofu got any recipes I should try?


  1. I have never tried tofu, I have no idea what it tastes like, but I really liked the method of draining it lmao!

  2. I don't mind tofu. It isn't one of my favorites but I try to have it about one every couple of weeks. Sometimes it's a success and sometimes I just keep chewing because I'm hungry.

  3. I LOVE tofu!! But I'm weird, because my favorite way to eat it is plain :) I love it thrown into a big salad!! That wrap looks delish though, I love the sauce just dripping out of it! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  4. This is seriously the best thing ever... I've made it so many times!


  5. I LOVE tofu. My favorite method is marinating then pan frying it. YUMMY!!

  6. You had me at Tofu Wrap!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh Love it!! Love your tofu press method!!!!

    Mmmmmmmmm that wap is baller!!

    Love ya beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ooo that tofu looks great! LOVE how you pressed it-hahah! im more of a TEMPEH girl now!

  8. The tofu looks good! I've cooked it before and really liked it!

  9. That looks fantastic! I usually try to keep soy to a minimum in my diet (since its in EVERYTHING), but I do allow a little tofu every now and again (like last night!). I have actually never made it at home before!!

  10. I am not even going to lie...tofu intimidates me!!

  11. oh that looks sooooo good. unfortunately Bill does not like tofu so i do not make it very often. i am sorry to say my fav is just with some BBQ sauce!
    good luck girl-you are almost there :)

  12. I have never cooked with tofu, so sad to say.
    Good luck with your last final!

  13. i love your method of getting the water out! I am always so lazy to do that for a while before! i just want to eat it! haha

    On my blog I have a recipe for tofu salad! its so good...its basically raw tofu mixed with mustard and a laughing cow wedge to make it into a 'salad' then I throw it in a wrap or btwn whole wheat bread and its a delish lunch!

  14. So glad you got the coupons after me taking ten years to send them, lol! Sorry about that!!

    Love ya girl!!!!!