Tapas and Piano Bar

Last night was loads of fun! Went out with some good friends to dinner to a tapas restaurant called Cafe Tu Tu Tango, and yess the place is as awesome as it sounds ;)

The food was really fresh and tasty Rusty and I split 3 rockin' dishes! Tuna Poke

Tuna Poke 
raw yellowfin tuna, citrus ponzu, avocado lime puree, 
plantain chips.

This dish was soo good it deserved a close-up! 

Round Dos:

Fennel Crusted Salmon
Round Tres: 
Smoked Salmon Salad

Guess I like fish as much as I enjoy spending great times with friends! 

Not only was the food and company great but the restaurant's setting is really great too! The restaurant's walls are loaded with paintings (do you see Mona Lisa's eyes in the background of the pic above) and some local artists actually work on their paintings in the restaurant, giving the restaurant a setting of a Spanish artist's loft.

One of the artists hard at work: There were also some flamenco dancers! 

There were also some flamenco dancers! 

After dinner we headed to a piano bar 

We had a good time singing along and taking pictures with this Britney Spears hat!! 

Well I'm off ladies to get ready for a "Golf and Tennis Pros" themed party! Love dressin' up! 

What is a cool party theme you've dressed up for? 
Any fun party themes ideas?


  1. What a fun night!! I love all the seafood dishes. I love the country club theme for a party...it doesn't usually require tons of money, and it's easy to go all out with pearls, polos and tennis raquets!

  2. I don't get to many parties to be honest, so no help there, sorry...
    That looks like a super fun restaurant and the food looks quite good too. Nice find!

  3. I love themed parties... and I am so obsessed with the concept of that restaurant you really get to see an artist hard at work and dancers.. that is so cool!!

  4. Ana you are so so beautiful!! I just loved the pic of you in the Britney hat!
    Looks like you had the best time with your friends, I would absolutely love a place like that and to eat such a delicious meal!

    Themed parties are the best- I've done so so many. Toga parties are fun!

    Thanks for the encouragement on the move! I love your support and I love your positivity! Have a wonderful day, my love!

  5. love tapas and that piano bar looks like so much fun! love it!

  6. Sounds like a blast. I love the plantain chips on the first dish!! We used to have two piece socials in college (two items of clothing only). People would get creative (i.e. a trash bag and a hat hahah).

  7. Ana! looks like you had a blast. I want those plantain chips, they looks so good, but I can't have anything crunchy for a while :o(

    I love theme parties, they are soo fun. My friends and I are thinking of a Harry Potter theme party. Love!

  8. OMG you look adorable in that hat! And I'm sooo jealous because I miss college and theme parties!! They are the best!!!!

    Also thanks for the blog comment, I thought I had you in my google reader, but I didn't! Know you are in there so I will be staying up to date :-)

  9. Hey beautiful!!!!!! Oh it looks like you had a blast!! I love piano bars!! So fun!!! U look hot in that hat!!!

    Love ya girl!! xoxo

  10. OMG that tuna looks absolutely delicious!!

  11. I love poke! My husband doesn't, so when we order it, I get to eat it all - muah ha ha!!

    I went to a toga themed party once, where my friend and I dressed up as Greek goddesses. Chilly, but fun!