BFF... Bowling, Friends, and Food!!

I ended up going bowling last night with Rusty and a couple of friends. Before meeting up with everyone over at the bowling alley, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at "Designer Greens". I got the half/half option, avocado salad and mediterranean panini.  This meal alone was $10 with no drink!!!

Doesn't it bother you when you spend money on a meal you could have easily made at home and saved some money?!?

That's kind of how I felt about this meal!!

 But, after having a bite of the salad I had a change of heart ;) The salad was gOoOD,  it had avocado, egg, mandarins, candied pecan, red onion, corn and goat cheese. Next time, I will just get the salad to make it a bit more feasible, or make it at home.

Bowling was a ton of fun. Surprisingly, I had a couple of strikes, and in the first game I actually broke 100!!! I wanted to beat Rusty but I stood no chance :(

Check out the action shot!!

After bowling, I was pooped and went home straight to bed.

This morning I made oats with a twist :)

  • Oats 
  • Almond Milk 
  • Greek Yogurt 
  • Cherry pie filling 
  • PB
The twist = Cherry Pie Filling, it gave the oats a yummy tanginess! This mix reminded me of a PB&J sandwich!! Great b-fast to start my Tuesday.

Today, classes were long. Once I finally got home I made a quick bite to eat, burger and fries ;) Two of my favorites  bean burgers and sweet potato fries (baked).

What is your favorite food duo??? 


  1. The salad looks really good! A lot of the ingredients in it are a little pricey, so maybe worth the $$? Love the bowling action shot!Your sweet potato fries look so good- I want to run out and get one now so I can make them

  2. MM i bet cherry is sooo great in oats! that sounds awesome! fav food duo? DEF pb and chocolate.. yumm!

  3. i LOVE hummus and salsa together. throw some honey mustard in and omg it's amazing! nut butter + anything = wonderful too

  4. Yes, it REALLY bothers me when I could have easily made something at home! I try to order things with unique or expensive ingredients that probably don't already live in my fridge.

    So fun you went bowling! I've been meaning to go for months.

  5. The salad looks great but a little small! I too hate it when I pay for something I could have made better at home.

  6. Sometimes it does bother me, but other times it's nice to go out!