Valentine's Weekend

Happy Valentine's Day bloggies!!!

Don't you just love Valentine's Day?? I think its a great chance to let the people in your life know just how much you love them. I sent my parents a package full of goodies, they loved it!! And made this yummy Black Forest Tarts for the BF, they turned out gOOOOd! (Thanks for the recipe Gina :)). I did run into a bit of trouble when melting the white chocolate because the power of the microwave was too high, but once I lowered it it all worked out.

This weekend has been loads of fun . Yesterday Rusty (the bf) and I went to Daytona to watch a NASCAR race, it was our first time. I was really hesitant about going, I just did not know anything much about NASCAR and wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it. Surprisingly Rusty and I had blast. I ended up rootin' for Danica its all about GirlPOWER!! ( I even got a shirt ;))
Check out the awesome view we had!
It was a sooo chilly out, I was so happy the BF brought the blanket :) 
After the Daytona trip we were exhausted! I am glad we actually went, it was something different but fun. Don't ever be hesitant of trying out something new you might be surprised of how much you will enjoy it.

Today Rusty made me a delicioso and healthy Valentine's Day  lunch. He made a chicken sandwich, with his special lime guacamole spread (awesomeliciousness), sweet potato thin, and healthy sides

After such a good lunch,  I have all the energy I need for a fun Valentine's Day workout with my Valentine! I am so happy Rusty understands how much I love working out and we incorporate in some of our moments together. Having a buddy to work out with makes it a lot easier and fun! Later tonight we plan on eating out and maybe catching a movie. Any movie recommendations? 

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  1. I've made those tarts before and they are awesome! So sweet of you to make them for the man! I've never been to Nascar, but my sister has and she had a lot of fun too! Enjoy the workout and dinner/movie. The only movie I've seen out recently was Avatar...it was OK. Cool effects but wasn't a huge fan of the movies message