A gRReat Trio!

It's finally over!! 

 In my school Speech is a mandatory class everyone has to take in order to graduate. Most people take Speech their freshmen year of college to get it out of the way. But since I am not like most ;)  I pushed this class off to my last semester in college! Honestly the thought of public speaking really scared me. But regardless of that today I had to give yet another speech (two down, two more to go). Last night I must have practiced my speech over millionzzz of times, I had a wonderful audience (my friend Jen). Don't know how she managed to listen to me for that long without wanting to kill me!!! I think it went well, just happy it's over! 

Since I was so busy this morning practicing my speech, I had this b-fast

Greek yogurt with a crumbled granola bar. This was my first time trying out Yoplait's Greek yogurt and I must say I was disappointed :( I felt that it was lacking creaminess and tanginess, from now on I'll stick to FAGE :)

For lunch I was really in the mood for a bean burger. I have been craving a bean burger for a while but since I have had no time to make them (homemade bean burger recipe) . Instead, I had this lovely trio so it would settle my fix. 

The spicy black bean burger went perfectly with the spicy guacamole,  it turned out scrumptious! My new favorite trio ;) 

Tonight is movie night *Julie & Julia* So I made a quick dinner; brown rice, grilled chicken w/ red and green peppers. 

Gotta go Julia is waiting! And my  chocolate-less sweet ;) 

 Have a GRREAT FRIDAY!!!!!! 


  1. Dinner was delicious! :)

  2. Your dinner looks delicious! I hope you enjoyed Julie and Julia as much as I did. Very cute movie!

  3. Brave girl! Speech class probably would have terrified me.

    Those black bean burgers are so good! Definitely my favorite Morningstar patty.

    Have a grat weekend!