Hope you are having a fantastic Friday!!

After yesterday's long day of classes and a sleepy four hour road-trip, I finally made it home!! I have realized that am not very good at doing road-trips by myself, within an hour of driving I was falling asleep at the wheel! So, getting home took me longer than usual because I had to make multiple stops just to get some energy flowing through me. Believe me I tried everything to stay awake, even talked to myself for quite a while! At one of the stops I decided to grab some lunch.
 There weren't many healthy options to choose from at the rest stop. The fruit salad was good, but as you can see the wrap was mainly lettuce :(

I was so happy once I finally got home :) Look what I found!!

 I thought I had lost this bottle, so happy to see it :)  I haven't been drinking much water lately this will definitely help me load up on some H2O.

The parents were still at work when I got home so I decided to make a quick trip to the gym to get my weekly work-out in. Once I got back from the gym the parents were home! It was soooo goood to see them! After catching up, we headed over to my check-out my big bro's new apartment. Lovely family time :)

This morning I woke up super rested! For b-fast I had some foamy coffee, banana,and a mini whole-wheat bagel ( I covered the holes of the bagel with some crunchy PB;)

There is something wrong with the wireless internet in the house :(  So,  today I am working from my dad's computer. It is so weird working with a PC, I am such a Mac brat ;)

Are you a PC or a Mac?? 

How embarassing I am still wearing PJ's!! Well I am off to get ready and meet momma for lunch :) But before I do I am entering Katie's iHerb giveaway! Hope to win so I can try some Maca :) 


  1. I am definitely a PC person...I don't get the hype about Macs! But then again my husband would probably murder me if I bought a Mac. :)

  2. haha that is definitely a lot of lettuce in that wrap! skimpy! but the fruit salad looks good :). i'm a mac girl all the way, i'll never go back!

  3. Thanks for the link!

    I"m a Mac :-)