Monday Madness!

I overslept today :( Mondays are definitely not good days for oversleeping but after yesterday's work-out my body definitely in need of some rest. Rusty and I have been doing circuit workouts every other day (this is our 4th week). Each week we switch up the exercises, that way we focus on different muscles and  keep our body guessing (prevents your body from hitting a plateau). This weeks' workout invovles various exercises on the medicine ball along with free weights. My upper body is soar, yay :)

Since I was so busy this weekend there were many things that did not get done.  I have some crazzy cleaning to do, schoolwork, grocery shop, and somewhere in there fit in a spinning class.

Luckily I already got the grocery shoppping out of the way. Here are some snacks I got for the week.


I love Greek yogurt, it is also better for you than regular yogurt because it is lower in sugar and higher in protein, which in the long run makes you feel fuller. This is the first time I will be trying Yoplait's Greek yogurt, since it was a bit cheaper than Chobani and Fage figured I would give it a go.  I will let you know if they compare

I plan on making yummy salads for lunch this week, so I got this: 

I have loads of old-fahioned Oats for b-fast but I was tempted to try these new True Delights instant-otameal packs. We will see if they are any good.
Obvi for some entertainment I got the Fitness Magazine!!  Mmm... what do you think the 7 fighting dinners could be?

Well I am off to continue my Monday Madness. Happy Monday :)  

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  1. Great purchases! I haven't found the Yoplait Greek in stores yet, but I'm keeping a lookout. The Tuscan Breasts are pretty good! And I can never resist a magazine in the checkout aisle :-)