Now Generation


Whether its friends, family, or boyfriend, they all come to the same conclusion, I lack patience. As one of my new year's resolutions I figured it would be smart to work on becoming a bit more patient. It became a resolution not because I felt it was a flaw but just because everyone else thought it was a problem. I had never truly considered how my lack of patience actually had a negative effect on my life. But I think yesterday it hit me!

Rusty has been trying to teach me how to play tennis for the past couple of weeks and yesterday he really wanted to play. I was angry upset because I wanted to go to the gym instead. Honestly, the main reason I didn't want to  play tennis was because I get too frustrated. Frustrated because I make a lot of mistakes and who likes that??? (impatient!). Regardless, we ended up at the tennis courts and from the beginning I had a bad attitude. I wasn't putting in any effort and every ball I hit went straight into the net!! Rusty was so upset with the way I was acting that 5 minutes in he was ready to leave. I realized that I was allowing my impatience to ruin my day.

 The Black Eyed Peas would say impatience is a trait of the "Now Generation"(listen!) haha. Our generation just wants instant results, hence high speed Internet, products such as Quick Trim, and crash diets that promise you will lose 10 lbs in one week!  I realize I am too impatient to give certain "things" time, if there aren't instant results I switch to a new "thing". I can see that being impatient can have a negative effect on many aspects of our life. Whether its a diet, workout regiment, or even learning something new (to play tennis), if we don't see the results we expect we are quick to "throw in the towel". By being impatient I could have missed out on an awesome time with Rusty and would have ruined our Saturday. Once I sucked up the fact that I wasn't going to be a perfect tennis player we had a blast and I ended up playing better than I would have ever expected! So next time you are ready to give up on something because you are not getting the results you want, DON'T! Be patient and the results will come as long as you keep at it ;)

Do you think you are impatient?

By the time we got back from playing tennis it was dinner time. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Teriyaki Experince, the meal is prepared right in front of you and the best part it is they use water instead of oil to cook it! I got a Pan-Asian Shrimp Noodle Bowl, it is soo goOod!

 And after dinner we gathered with some friends for game night!!! We decided to play Monopoly it was a lot of fun even though I didn't win :(

All my properties are the ones on the left, can u bleieve I lost!! OH well I had a good time. Hope your wekend is going great!!!


  1. ah! I can totally relate...I'm SUPER impatient. I'm trying to work on it. Great dinner- that restaurant sounds really cool. Hope you have a nice Monday :)

  2. Yes, I could certainly be more patient in many corners of my life!

    Yummy dinner... I think I'm making something similar tonight!