A bit of Pineapple will make it better

I was able to get most of the cleaning done but I still have some laundry to do :(  As I cleaned up, lunch time came around so I decided to make a quick salad.


Just some spring mix, grape tomatoes, and avocado. To add some healthy protein to the meal, I made Gardein's (meat free) Santa Fe Good Stuff, it has 19g of protein and only 160 calories. Best of all it is delicioso and quick! You pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and its ready for eatin'.

After finishing up some schoolwork I headed to the UCF gym for a spinning class!! It was a great class, I always come out soaken wet with sweat ewww ;)   After class I headed to the tennis courts which are right next to the gym. While I waited for the BF to get to the courts, I munched on a mini CLIF bar  they were handing them out in the gym.

The BF is teaching me to play tennis, he played for a "looong time" ( his whole childhood years).  And now he has become my coach!! I really enjoy playing with him, he has tons of patience and IF I learn we will be able to actually play together.  

These are the UCF tennis courts, don't they look pretty :)

After tennis it was time for dinner and the BF (my Chef) made it :) It turned out so goOod. Grilled Mahi-Mahi over a bed of spring mix, and whole grain rice (Uncle Ben's 90 second), and topped off with a fabulous pineapple sauce (creation of the BF).

After such a crazy Monday its time for bed! I have a real early class tomorrow, 7:30 a.m. to be exact :( Hope you all had a great Monday :)

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  1. I love Mahi-Mahi with pineapple, just a combo made in heaven.

    I hope your weather warms up a bit! Weird to have 40's in Florida!