Out of the Rut

Hump-day!! It's all downhill from here ;)

And just one day away from Thursday! See, I have a countdown going because after Thursday's classes my weekend begins. I am making a road-trip down to SoFla, aka "home sweet home"... or just South Florida.  I can't wait to see the familia, I haven't seen them in way too long :) OH yeah, I am also going down for a law school open-house! I am a bit anxious about it because this is one of the schools I am hoping to get into (fingers-crossed). I just hope the weather gets better, it has been raining here all day today and I don't want to have to drive in the rain :( ... But enough of my rant. 

Yesterday, was weight training day w/ Rusty! (fourth week). I must admit these weight training sessions have seriously gotten me out of my exercise rut!  Since I started to incorporate weight training to my workouts I have seen great results :)

*Mixin' it Up*

Warm up on treadmill for 5 mins. (4.5 speed and 3.0 incline)

*Weight Training Exercises*

1.  Lay Chest Over Ball: Push-Ups --> (3 sets 15-20 repetitions)

2. Wall Squat --> (3 sets of 15-20 repetitions)
           - I add 10 lbs. free weights
3. Cable Row ( 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions)
         -Challenging weight
4. Tricep Overhead Extensions w/ Dumbbells ( 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions)
         - I do 15 lbs. weights

5. Biceps ( 3 set of 15-20 repetitions)
6. Ball Exchange- Abs (3 sets of 45 secs.)

  • *Cardio Interval on Treadmill* 
    1. 5 minute warm up
    2. Run 2 mins. @ speed 5.5 - 6.5 
    3. Run 1 min. @ speed 7.0- 8.0 
    4. Repeat step 2 & 3, 3-4 times. 
    5. 5 minute cool down 
  I do this workout 3x's a week, but each week I change the weight training exercises. However, the cardio interval  has remained the same I have just increased the speed as the weeks go by. The other 2-3 days I focus on cardio: spinning, running, or playing tennis! 

Doesn't all that work deserve a treat? ;) 

Tonight Rusty invited me to some YogurTopia!

 Such a cute place :) 

Our FroYos! Of-course mine is the one on the left since I gave up chocolate for Lent :) I had some vanilla yogurt w/ bananas and strawberries. 

Great Hump-Day Treat :) What are your favorite fro-yo toppings?

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  1. I love DIY froyo! I like to add a lot of fruit, a little mochi, and a chocolate-covered pretzel.