Early Bird???

I was up at 6:30 this morning! Sometimes I find it easy to get up but today definitely wasn't one of those days. Guess I am not much of an early bird. I was so warm and cozy under the covers I did not want to move. For these lazy days when I don't have time to create a decent breakfast.... I rely on instant oatmeal :/

*True Delights* Instant Oatmeal Review(Hazelnut Latte): This was my first time trying anything from the new Quaker "True Delights" line. I must say it wasn't bad, the yummy hazelnut smell permeated my kitchen, for a moment I thought I was in a coffee shop! (who doesn't love the smell of coffee in the morning!) I also enjoyed added hazelnuts in the oatmeal mixture, it added some texture and yummy nuttiness. Overall it is one of the better instant-oatmeal I have had!

When you don't have much time what is your go to grab-n-go breakfast?

I spent my morning at UCF's Einstein Bagels waiting for my next class to begin. Many of the options they have for breakfast are not very healthy, but its always soooo busy (look at the line!).  Bagels and cheese very popular, but I think I will stick to my oats ;)

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  1. I've only had True Delights granola bars; I didn't know they made oatmeal!

    I've gotten pretty good at making hearty bowls of oats quickly, but if I have to take it out, I usually make nut butter & banana sandwiches.