"All that I am after is a Life Full of Laughter"

After reading Jenny's uplifting post today, it got me thinking about which is the most memorable period in my life. I decided to look through all of my photo albums to see what came to mind. Looking through the pictures,  I could not help but think how fast time has flown by.  Not too long ago,  I was ecstatic about moving away from home and going off to college. Now, I am only a few months away from graduation! Right now, my life's most memorable period would have to be college. Along these past 4 years I have:

Met my sweetheart

Made great friendships

And had my fair share of "one drink too many" moments (embarrassing moments, yet memorable)

Looking at those pictures I see a happy and carefree me. As I near the end of this period in my life, I notice that I lack the spunk and positive attitude I once had. Now, I stress out too much, whether its on my body image, school, or the future, there is always something! I know that as we grow older life becomes more stressful but I let the most meaningless things ruin my days. I want to live in the moment and stop fixating on the little things. Life goes by way to quick to spend it stressing. Isn't it so much better to fill your life with laughter?!!!

This is a picture we could all laugh at!


  1. Those are awesome pictures...you are one gorgeous girly!!! :)

  2. OMG you are so beautiful!! and together with your bf, so so cute! you look like such a fun girl :)

  3. I love this post! College seems like such a great time for you :-)

  4. Love all the pics! You are so pretty!