Ana in Wonderland

Hope your weekend is off to a great start! I began mine with a nice 20 minute yoga session :) Being a beginner, I found some of the poses a bit difficult. I have gotten various suggestions to get a yoga block. 'These blocks are of great purpose as some of the poses which many may find it hard to do can be modified as it will get the floor closer to you." I found this youtube video :

How to Use a Yoga Block for Better Form and Flexibility: 

I will definitely be getting a yoga block soon!

After my yoga session I had a yummy bowl of oatmeal:

  • 1/2 cup of oats 
  • water 
  • PB
  • Apple
  • Vanilla Yogurt 
  • Loads of Cinnamon ;-)
Last night my attempts to watch "Alice in Wonderland" failed :( By the time we got to the movie theater all of the tickets were sold out for the showing we were hoping to catch. We thought about seeing, Dear John, but for some reason the movie had been removed from showing! By then we were so bummed we just decided to rent a movie and head home, but no worries I will watch "Alice in Wonderland" by the end of this weekend ;)

The night turned out great though, I came home to these awesome banana and PB sammy's and watched I Love You, Man! It is such a funny movie, my parents loved the movie and the sammy's.

Just some time in the freezer and they are ready to eat!!! Such a great treat!

 I am off to do some grocery shopping (my favorite forms of shopping) for a yummy recipe I am making. Hope you are having a great Saturday!!!


  1. I know I'm a "chick" and should thus like "chick flicks", but I'd WAY rather watch I Love You, Man than Dear John! I have such boy taste in movies, hahaha.

  2. grocery shopping is my fave kind too! yum bananas & nut butter are such a great combo.i love you man is one of my top movie picks! i need a yoga block too :)

  3. You and I had a very similar morning! Yoga and oats!

  4. Nice! My husband has a yoga block and loves it!Isn't cinnamon so key to a yummy breakfast? I had tons in mine this AM!Let us know how Alice is- I cannot wait to see it. Are you trying to see it in 3D?