Let's Get Down to Bee's Knees

Happy Friday chicas!!!!  Thanks for all the sweet comments on yesterday's post. I really had a great time and wish you hotties could have joined me in the St. Patty's Day celebration ;)  OH and I will definitely be trying your strawberry smoothie suggestions, they sound soOo GOOD!

Let's get down to Bee's Knees!!!

I was running low on PB, so after the gym it was vital to make this quick buy. I was so tempted to get White Chocolate Wonderful or Dark Chocolate Dreams, but since I gave up chocolate for Lent I had to withhold on those temptations *sigh*.  I had never tried the Bee's Knees (p.s. I am obsessed with the name, haha). The Bee's Knees is a mix of PB and honey, which is perfect because I won't be needing to add agave to my PB and toast!! 

Inspired by HungryGirl's Dreamy Chocolate Ravioli Puffs, I decided to make my own version sans the chocolate :( We can call these Decadent PB Empanadas! 

All you need is: 

  1.  Won-ton Wrappers 
  2.  2 tbsp of PB 
  3.  Any additional ingredient to put your signature touch ;)  (I decided to add strawberries and almonds) 
What ingredient would give it your signature touch?
  • Heat up strawberries in a pan with a splash of almond milk until tender. 
  •  Let strawberries cool for a couple of minutes. Then combine strawberries with 2 tbsp. of PB. (here you can add any crunchy texture you would like)

  •  I used these wontons.

  • Filled squares with about 1/2 tbsp. of filling. 
  • Moistened all four edges of the won-ton and fold enclosing the filling.  I used a fork  to seal the edges. 

  • Place in freezer for 1 hr. 
  • Bring large skillet sprayed with nonstick spray to medium heat. Working in batches, place frozen wonton flat in skillet, evenly spaced, and cook for 2-3 minutes, until slightly puffy. Then flip for another 1 to 2 minutes. 
  • Let them cool for a bit, add toppings, and Voila!!

    They turned out soo goOod! Mmm... the PB & strawberry mixture just melted in my mouth, and the crunchiness from the wonton and almonds was phenomenal!

    It was a perfect dessert after lunch :)

    Any fun plans this weekend????


    1. What a very cool, unique idea! I haven't tried Bee's Knees before but I am in love with Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Dreams. I had to stop buying it because I couldn't stop eating it!!

    2. Oh how I would love to be sitting down with a plate of those and a flute filled with bubbly right now. Sigh.

    3. What an amazing dish!!! I'm so excited about this recipe- it's so unique and incorporates so many of my favorite flavors!
      I have no big plans other than spending time with friends. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

    4. never tried that kind of pb but it looks like something i would LOVE! and girlie you outdid yourself on the dessert-YUM! having a great weekend so far.......
      hope you are too:)

    5. Oh my goodness - these look AMAZING. I am having an urge to run out right now and buy some wonton wrappers! And some crunch peanut butter (I am, and always will be, 100% in the crunch camp). I just found your site and am so glad I did. Thanks for the wonderful recipe idea!

    6. looks delicious. I can only imagine. I need to try the chocolate dreams, bees knees, and mighty maple. sooo awesome

    7. Oh YUM. I've never tried that PB&Co flavor, but I love the look of those empanadas!

      Thanks for your support on my race... you really helped cheer me on from afar!

    8. I love those won ton wrappers! You can make all sorts of goodness with them! I have never tried using them for dessert though. Fabulous idea!!! Looks drool worthy