A New Adventure Awaits

I was really happy to share with you the BIG news :) I can't believe I am actually going to law school, it seems like yesterday when I began undergrad, and now here I am ready to plunge into yet another educational adventure!!! I am really excited but nervous at the same time *HUGE sigh* Many people say that my life is over, haha, even some attorneys I have worked with have encouraged me to consider another career path!! I am sure of my decision, I know this is what I want to do and that's all that matters, right?? 

Last night I celebrated with some miso soup and sushi!! 

I got the Rainbow Roll: 

 Rusty took the pics with his iPhone,  sorry about the crappy resolution the restaurant was really dark. 

Rusty got a Thunder Roll: 

The sushi was delicious, just wish the service would have been a bit faster!! 

This morning I woke up starving and SOAR! Yesterday I did bootcamp, a new class at my gym and oh it was as terrible as it sounds ;) The class involved loads of squats, lunges, push-ups, circuits, and the list goes on!! My HR: 565 Calories! 

So, this morning I was in the mood for a hearty b-fast! 

Today was my first time making an egg puff - Scrambled 1 egg white & 1 egg, put in the microwave for about 1 minute 30 sec. and ready for eatin'. I can't believe I had never made eggs in the microwave, so much time that I will be saving! The sprouted grain toast was covered with PB&Co's Bees Knees and some wheat germ

I was busy all day catching up with school-work, booo!!! I have to get all of my school work in order before I leave to Ecuador, yay!!

So lunch was quick and easy: 

Some Stoneyfield Yogurt and my lovely PB empanadas

The pita pocket was stuffed with my obsession, Black Bean burger and spicy guacamole: 

It is so good it deserves a close up ;) 

Well I have to get back to packing. 

What are some essentials you must travel with? 


  1. That's so great! Law school?! Wow!
    And if you're sure of your career choice, then that's all that matters. It makes all the difference in the world when you truly love what you're doing.

    Those PB empanadas look truly divine, btw.

    I cannot travel without some sort of low-glycemic nutrition bars/snacks. I have blood sugar issues, and nothing puts the damper on travel fun like getting shaky and faint-y. Another thing I don't travel without is my pillow. I've had it since I was, like, 5. I can't sleep well on anything else!

  2. What yummy looking sushi! It's definitely one of my favorite restaurant meals. When I pack, I always make sure to bring plenty of snacks!! I hate being stranded somewhere without healthy options. Good luck packing!!

  3. Yay! Celebration sushi is the best! I haven't had any in so long and yours is making my mouth water!
    Plus, I just love black bean burgers- are those morningstar farms? Truly delicious!
    I always overpack so I am of no use to you! But I always bring extra underwear.
    I'm still thrilled about your big news!
    Have a great night dear!

  4. AWESOME job at bootcamp! I have not built up the courage to attend any of the body pump classes/boot camps at the gym I belong to yet.. soon enough.

    WOO I am still so proud of you that is so awesome about law school :o) Such an accomplishment to celebrate.

  5. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a great way to celebrate!!! Yay!!!

    You are following your heart and know what you want, thats all that matters! My fiance is an attorney and he does say stuff like that, but we all complain about our jobs!!

    Yay for a kick butt bootcamp workout!!!!! So proud of you for starting law school soon!! xoxo

  6. ooh that thunder roll looks divine......you will be fine at law school girl. you want it and you will shine. forget all the other folks :). when do yo leave for your trip? how exciting!

  7. You should always follow the path that you are passionate about. If you want to go to law school then that's all that matters. I have been out of school for a few years (when I lived in Sweden) and I have had the hardest time deciding what I want to study now that the time has actually come. I am still not 100% sure but I think if I go with my passion instead of what is safe then everything will work itself out. PB empanadas sound divine! I am checking out the recipe. Right. Now. :)

    Hope you have a fantastic day and congrats on your big decision to go to law school! xoxo