Let's Celebrate!!!

School, school, oh and more school!!!

It's been crazy on my side of town but now I can finally relax... well for a quick minute!! Right now, I  can't think of a better way to relax other than blogging, and seeing what you lovely ladies have been up to :)  I could be sleeping but who needs that, right??

As insane as this sounds (well to me) I have been up since 5! A test and a speech are the culprits of such insanity!!  However, I must admit that I have enjoyed being up dark and early. Today has been such a productive day and to my surprise I am actually full of energy! Now, don't get me wrong it is not like I sleep til' noon or something, it would be terrible if I did because I would miss my favorite meal of the day, but I am just never up at 5. I am thinking about making it a routine, I mean sooner rather than later my days are going to have to begin at that time. And I say sooner because guess what??? Celebration #1: I have been accepted into law school!!! This means if I want to take full advantage of my days I am going to have to begin my days a lot earlier.

  What time do you begin your day? Are you a morning person? 

Celebration #2 : Test and speech are done with, which leads me to Celebration #3: I can begin packing for my trip to Ecuador!!!

As you can see there is loads to celebrate, so tonight I will be drinking that BUBBLY! But isn't there always a reason to celebrate!?

What is your reason to celebrate?

This weekend I celebrated the beginning of spring at the beach!

I loved this hat

Hope your Tuesday is going awesome :)


  1. CONGRATS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!! yay for being avvepted into law school!!!!!!!!!! So happy for u girl!! I will have to have a glass of wine to toast to you this weekend!!!!


    How about you won my chocolate milk giveaway too!! Just announced it on my blog!!!

    Love ya!!!!! Thanks for the sweet comment too, yup that meatball hoagie was huge he had!!!

  2. WOW do you have some exciting things going on over there! Congrats about law school!!! That is incredible. And I hope you have a blasty on your trip!!!!! Isn't it wonderful when you get through something you're dreading (like the test/speech)?? Hope you have a wonderful, celebration full rest of the week!

  3. Congrats on being accepted into grad school. You must be so excited :O)

    I wish I could be on the beach right now. Have fun!

  4. THAT is so exciting.. congratulations :o) I think a celebration should be in order?! No? Good job.

    So glad you found my blog! Yours is so incredibly cute. I love getting up early but not 5:55/6:10 early! Spin is fun. It was my 4th time going tonight. I try to get into the Tuesday night class every week.. but it is pretty darn popular and 25 bikes just is not enough for the demand.

  5. congratulations on law school!!!! yay!!!! so exciting, spring is in the air, have fun with it :)

    Is it in your neck of the woods? will you have to move?

  6. Thanks for the comment!! Congrats on your acceptance, you must be so pumped!! I wake up between 6 and 7 almost every day. It's weird for a college student, but I love mornings! Happy hump day :)

  7. oh how wonderful for you!!!!!! where are you going to law school? how very exciting :)
    i am a moring person for sure......what a beuatiful day at the beach. ummmm i am celebrating that is is hump day-yay!

  8. Congrats on getting into law school!! I wake up at 5:20 every day. I'm definitely a morning person.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting this is! I'm so happy for you- it sounds like you need to spend at least a week celebrating. Hell, I'll celebrate for you! I love to make special times memorable with friends and family. ENjoy all of your accomplishments. And try to get some rest! That's a tough one though!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS, ANA!!!! Celebrate the whole rest of the year.

    Today I got up at 4:30... I have a headache and am exhausted now, so I need to get back on a normal schedule!

    Have a GREAT time in Ecuador!

  11. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment...law school! You should definitely check out the book One-L...you will love it!

    I wake up at 5 am almost every day! Habit I guess.

  12. congrats on teh law school acceptance, thats amazing!!!!! ahh trip to Ecuador sounds perfect, so jealous