I am back in SoFla, home sweet home :)  I am happy that I will get the chance to spend more than a weekend here. It is so awesome to get the chance to relax and not have to worry about school for a week! Today, the road-trip wasn't as bad as the last, I wasn't sleepy so no stops were needed. There is only one downfall about being home... Rusty is not here :'(

Yesterday, for lunch I made a kick asSalad topped off with two mini turkey burgers, the ones I had made the night before. Just quickly grilled them on the George Forman.

Later on in the afternoon, I met up with Rusty to do this week's workout. (I will post this week's workout soon, promise!) . It's so great having a gym buddy, definitely beats doing it alone :) But Rusty doesn't go with me everyday, so on my solo days I try to do long runs or group classes.

After the gym we stopped by Publix to get some ingredients to make a quick dinner. I hadn't drank Tazo tea in so long, it was definitely an impulse buy (a darn good one)!

 Shrimpies made it in the menu! Just added some garlic, EVOO, salt, pepper, a cayanne pepper kick, and they are all ready to be cooked.


The shrimp is on a bed of grilled brocoli slaw, with a stuffed clam, and some orange on the side. The dinner was A-mazing, sadly, I can't say that about the movie I rented (The Informant). 15 minutes into the movie I passed out, if a movie puts me to sleep = no bueno!

Have you watched any disappointing movies lately?


  1. Boo for the movie not being good : p I have not watched to may movies lately, we are going to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend though! Im excited, love Johnny Depp!!!

    Oh the dragon roll is amazing, have had that many times!!!

    SO glad you found my blog, I am glad we connected on here!! Enjoy your time in Florida!!!

  2. I haven't seen any movies lately-I need to catch myself up!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Delicious dinner. I love shrimp- something about their chewy texture is just so pleasing to me!
    Sorry to hear "The Informant" was disappointing! I hate that. I've seen some really good movies recently- I've been trying to see every film nominated for the Academy Awards, as well as all the films featuring the actors and actresses nominated! Haha, so many movies, so little time! It's fun though.
    have a great Friday!