Spinning Around

Monday came and went, and Friday is  just 4 days away! There really is no a reason for me to be counting down to Friday since I am on Spring Break, but Friday I finally get to see Rusty,  so I'm looking forward to that :) 

It is obvious that the main focus of today's entertainment news has been last night's Academy Awards. Did you watch it? I sure did! I thought Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin were pretty funny, I loved the clip were they poked fun at Paranormal Activity, it was hilarious! I was so happy to see  Sandra Bullock take the Best Actress award, she is one of my favorite actresses. It was awesome seeing a woman, Kathryn Bigelow, take the Best Director award (talk about GIRLPOWER).  I must say I was a bit bummed by the fact that Avatar didn't win Best Picture :( I haven't seen Hurt Locker but now I feel like I have to see it.

What was your favorite moment of the Academy Awards?

This morning I woke up to a yummy oatmeal concoction:

  • 1/3 cup of oatmeal 
  • water 
  • banana 
  • Banana bread VitaTop
  • FF vanilla yogurt 
  • Agave 
Today, I had to run a couple of errands for my law school financing. Although, I have not heard back from any law school I have to get the financial paperwork taken care of. This whole waiting process is so stressful, can't they just quickly tell me if I am accepted or not! There is nothing I can do now but wait, right :(

As soon as I got home I made a quick lunch:

The cucumber salad rocked! I added some balsamic vinagrette and pepper, it was perfect :)

Today was cardio day!  I decided to do spin class since my knees have been bothering me. The class kicked me booty,  half way through the class I was ready to quit! My bike's tension wasn't working right,  so the majority of the class I was on a really high resistance :( My leggies feel like jelly right now.

I am off to veg watch The Time Traveler's Wife!!


  1. Hi!
    I agree that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were great! And Sandra Bullock's acceptance speech was by far the best I've ever heard.

    I totally sympathize with you over anxiety of waiting for acceptance letters. I just started grad school this past fall, and it was hell waiting out to see where I got in. Fear not, they'll get there and the news will be so great it'll be worth the wait! :)

    You asked how the noodles were (they're called shirataki noodles-I'd heard them referred to as miracle noodles because they're so low cal), and I have to say I wasn't very impressed. They tasted alright, but later that evening my stomach was pretty upset, I think maybe due to all the fiber in them? I'm not sure. I wouldn't recommend them tho :(

    Have a good night!!!

  2. I don't watch tv.......so I did not see the awards!
    I know how stressful it is to be waiting for your acceptance to law school-hang in there!
    your bowl of oats looks great!
    have a good tuesday.....i am counting down to friday too!

  3. I didn't watch the academy awards, but I wish I had!

  4. I don't watch award shows...they are just TOO long and the speeches are too boring. I do like seeing the clothes though so I check them out online the next day. :)

  5. i heard that movie is super sad, or maybe i'm getting it confused with something else. either way, hope you enjoy! and i love when my legs feel like jelly, means you got a great workout lol!

  6. your oatmeal looks fabulous!!
    I can't wait to try your oatmeal tomorrow :):)