Celebration & Berrylicious

Hola amigas y amigos!!! Yesterday I had loads of fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day with good friends and green beer, and as promised here are some pics ;) 

Remember the bow tie and glasses?? I got so caught up buying the (2) accessories, that I did not stop to think if I had a green shirt! Luckily I had the one from last year, its dated 2009, vintage ;)

The glasses were a success, I got many compliments on them!! Rusty's glasses were pretty cool too, they lit up and everything. 

*Disclaimer* The tattoo in Rusty's arm is fake, haha. Idk... Don't ask.

Friends <3
more <3

From this picture you can see how vital it is for a college student to celebrate St. Patrick's Day ;)  I felt like the whole school was at this block party, it was definitely nice running into old friends.

This morning I was incapable of getting out of bed at 6:30, so I ended up missing my 7:30 class *pout*.  Around 8ish I woke up rested and energized. I had plenty of time to prepare and enjoy b-fast before Speech class. 


=  BerryLicious Yogurt mess!! 
Classes went well, but I have a lot of work to do. I have a big test to study for and a speech to prepare by next Tuesday :( 

Today's lunch was fiber loaded: chickpeas, hummus, wheat pita pocket, chicken strips, and spring mix.



After lunch, I had the berrylicious b-fast lingering in my thoughts  so for an afternoon snack I decided to have something similar. Why not??

Cottage cheese, agave, strawberries, and wheat germ. A delicious and healthy treat!

As you can tell I have a lot of strawberries, Do you have any strawberry smoothie recipes?? I am in the mood for a good ol' smoothie!


  1. Looks like a fun St. Patty's celebration! You guys are so cute :-)

  2. hahahah awesome pictures!!! Looks like ya'll had a blasty :) I don't blame you for missing your first class. Love the lunch platter- I'm thinking of something similar for din din. Have a great night :)

  3. Girl!!!!!!!! You are the hottest St Pattys Girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so cute!!! I am so glad you had some green beer for me !!! Yay!! And I didnt get a hangover !!

    Your hair is beautiful by the way!!

    Oh chickpeas in a wrap, what a good idea!! I am going to have to do that!!!

    Your berry breakfast looks good too!!

    For a strawberry smootthie I would say...

    strawberries + spinach+peanutbutter or almond butter + Almond Milk or regular+ flaxseeds!!

    That would be yummy!!!!!!!!!!

    love you beautiful girl!! xoxo

  4. You looked too adorable lady!

  5. uhhh my school was nothing like that, i wish we had a massive celebration :). your friends seem like a fun bunch! 2009 = totally counts as vintage

  6. you look so great and green suits you for sure-how fun.....oh i love smoothies! in fact it is smoothie friday for me........berries, milk, almond butter, maybe some chocolate thrown in....whatever suits your fancy!
    have a great friday girl!

  7. Great pictures! You look so beautiful in them!!
    Sounds like a great time with your friends.
    And I wish I could give you some smoothie recipes, I just never drink them.
    Have a happy Friday my dear!

  8. Thank you pretty ladies for all the nice comments!! Reading all your lovely comments made me smile :)