Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 

In honor of St. Patty's Day,  it was only right to begin my day with a green-monstah shake :) So today was the perfect day to give this green-whey protein a shot!

I added a cup of Almond Milk, and some Spinach to give it some more green!

Have you eaten/made something green  in honor of St. Patrick's Day? I really wanted to make some green eggs but I didn't get the chance to get green food dye. I guess I will have green eggs another time ;)

The shake had a yummy "earthy" taste to it! On the side I had sprouted grain bread topped off w/ PB, agave, and coconut butter!

Coconut Butter + Agave = Phenomenal

After b-fast, I headed to the gym to meet up with my friend Naomi. We did an awesome yoga class, some cardio, and abs. The yoga class was perfect after yesterday's workout, my booty is so soar!!

Lunch was quick and light!

Pita Pocket w/ hummus and chicken.  With some strawberry flowers, hhaha!

I am off to get ready for my St. Patrick's Day Celebration!!! No worries, I will take loads of pics of me drinking green beer ;)

Hope you are having a lovely day.


  1. hey ana! thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I LOVE when followers delurk :) love yours as well! can you believe I havent tried coconut butter yet?!/! I need to get my hands on some it looks SO good on that toast!

  2. have fun tonight!

  3. Love a good green smoothie :) I made green soup in honor of the day! Hope you have fun tonight

  4. I love the strawberry flowers-so pretty!